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Due to unprecedented demand, the World Famous MACBUSTER is now out of stock.  Watch this site for availability.  The sad news is that it looks like prices will have to increase.

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macadamia nut cracker nuts macadamias macadamia nut crackers




"SO ONO" ... So good to eat ... Naturally healthful ... Nutritious ... Satisfying

Aloha, with Macbusters, made in the USA!

  • MACBUSTER® the ultimate Macadamia nut cracker.
    • Best and easiest to use! 
    • Special patented design by Papa Bono.
    • Featured in Sunset magazine! 
    • Versatile. 
    • Easy to use on ALL kinds of nuts (especially Macadamias).
  • MACADAMIA NUTS in the shell!
    • Packages from a pound up to 68 lbs!
    • Gift boxes too! 
  • MACBUSTER.COM represents:

    • BONO MACS of Hawaii, a Maui-based Macadamia nut plantation.

    • MACBUSTER® Nutcracker (recognized as the best hand held Macadamia nutcracker)

    • ROYAL GREEN SILK  Mulberry Leaf Nutritional Supplement from Magnus.

    • Other Macadamia nut, Hawaiian, and Pacific related products.





macadamia nuts and mackbuster nutcrackers

Out of stock now!   Watch us for when we get more!

Papa Bono's famous MACBUSTER® Nutcracker: The original, best and easiest to use Macadamia nut cracker, reviewed by Sunset Magazine and highly acclaimed by thousands of users worldwide.

We are sorry. This year's stock of Macbuster® nutcrackers has sold out. We are unable to fill your order. Our supplier has no delivery date for new stock. Check this website to see when new stock will be on hand.  We are sorry for any inconvenience.  We look forward to filling your order as soon as we get stock.

macadamia nuts and macadamia macbuster nutcrackers



MACADAMIA NUTS in the shell ... Save 40% and more over store bought Macadamias! Hand harvested, hand selected, sun roasted ripened nuts, just for you from our special spot in paradise.

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  Papa Bono's MACADAMIA COOKBOOK: These never before published "tropic" and "exotic" recipes will tantalize your taste buds and be long remembered by your guests.

Macadamia nuts and nutcrackers

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Macadamia Nuts and Nutcracker Information


Click on Information to learn more about Macadamia Industry, nuts, trees, harvesting, nutrition and more.



Macadamia nuts and nutcrackers

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Round-the-world balloonist, Steve Fossett, takes MACS on his historic adventure.  Why?  They are a nutritious and tasty source of energy!

BONO MACS has been owned and operated by "Papa" Bono and his family for over 50 years.  "The Mac Trader" has been associated with Bono Macs for over 10 years.

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